Interesting Facts About Superstar Rajinikanth

  • 12 Dec 2017
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Superstar Rajinikanth has turned 67 years old today! Let’s look at some of the interesting facts about him that most of us are unaware of…

1. He was a prankster during his teenage years and always got into trouble, completely in contrast to the present graceful man he is.

2. He first performed the trick of tossing the cigarette up in the air to catch it with the lips in the bushes of his school, to prove to his seniors that he’s capable of joining their gang.

3. He was earning around Rs750 as a conductor and now he’s the second highest paid actor in Asia.

4. Muthu was the first Tamil film to be dubbed and released in Japan. Meanwhile, Chandramukhi was dubbed and released in Turkish and German.

5. Similar to Chuck Norris inspired jokes, Rajinikanth’s jokes are quite popular on the internet that an iPad application called ‘Rib-tickling Rajini Riot’ was created.

Sourced from: Sify Movies and Indian Express

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