8 Reasons To Watch 8 Thottakkal

  • 09 Feb 2018
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8 Thottakkal is a recently released crime thriller which was directed by a debutant Sri Ganesh. The story revolves around a cop who loses his loaded gun to the bad guy. Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn't miss this movie:

  • It’s not a usual Tamil Cinema with a predictable climax
  • Veteran actor M.S. Bhaskar stands out and dominated all of his scenes
  • Main characters with different social backgrounds but with similar goal; money!
  • The story resembles Akira Kurosawa’s classic tale
  • Shows how frustration transforms a common citizen into criminal
  • A police inspector was given 24 hours to find his lost loaded gun
  • The main technical of this film are in their 20s
  • Superstar Rajnikanth was impressed with the exceptional storytelling and performance of this film

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