Vizhuthugal 10 Parisu Potti Winners List: Vizhuthu 10-9

  • 13 Feb 2018
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The Vizhuthugal 10 Parisu Potti is a question and answer contest that offers the chance to win 999.9 gold bar weighing approximately 2 gram. 

Here are the 'விழுது 10-1' winners:

1. Satiya A/P Vesulingam (Perak)
2. Sharmandraraj A/L Sivalingam (Perak)
3. Sivagami A/P Karuppiah (Selangor)
4. Chandra A/P Varatharaju (Selangor)
5. Vanita A/P Letchumanan (Selangor)
6. Supuletcumy A/P Venkatan (Pahang)
7. Chandravathy A/P Sankaran (Kedah)
8. Saravanan A/L Muniandi@Tangamutu (Negeri Sembilan)
9. Ananthi A/P Chellaya (Johor)
10. Suresh A/L Radha Krishnan (Selangor)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-2' winners:

1. Shahila Devi a/p Munusamy Arichinam (Selangor)
2. Usha a/p Subramaniam (Negeri Sembilan)
3. Abirami a/p Ganesan (Kedah)
4. Murali a/l Nadarajah@Nadarah (Selangor)
5. Jamuna a/p Pungan (Selangor)
6. Vanita a/p Munusamy (Negeri Sembilan)
7. Kanagasoundarie a/p Murugiah (Kuala Lumpur)
8. Gunasundari a/p Supramaniam (Perak)
9. Tharmaraj a/l Muthusamy (Johor)
10. Deepa a/p Munusamy (Negeri Sembilan)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-3' winners:

1. Janaki A/P Sambasivam (Perak)
2. Vijaya A/P Doraraj (Perak)
3. Gangga Devi A/P Somu Padayachi (Selangor)
4. Lohambal A/P Ramasamy (Penang)
5. Haridaz A/L Kuppan (Selangor)
6. Sujata A/P Sankaran (Selangor)
7. Thineshnaidu A/L Letchumanan (Selangor)
8. Ayasamy A/L Topalam (Melaka)
9. Nittiya A/P Munoharan (Selangor)
10. Rajammal A/P Karuppiah (Selangor)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-4' winners:

1. Balasubramaniam a/l Manickam (Negeri Sembilan)
2. Sakunthala a/p Dhanasekaran (Pahang) 
3. Rukumani a/p Simmathiri (Selangor)
4. Girijah a/p Ganesrau (Pahang)
5. Kuppusamy a/l Manoo (Kedah)
6. Praimon a/l N Janagarajan (Selangor)
7. Citra a/p Palanisamy (Selangor)
8. Roslmaly a/p Natesan (Selangor)
9. Murthy a/l Munusamy (Negeri Sembilan)
10. Sellammah a/p Sinnasamy (Johor)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-5' winners:

1. P.Malathy a/p S.Pavalathan (Selangor) 
2. Yogesvaran a/l Thangavelu (Selangor)
3. Vengadesan a/l Raman (Pahang) 
4. Natarajan @ Kumar a/l N.C Krishnan (Selangor)
5. Ramanathan a/l Krishnan (Selangor)
6. Asilah Megalai binti Abdullah (Penang)
7. Yogeswari a/p Tandawamorthi (Perak)
8. Manimegalai a/p Ganesan (Penang)
9. Devi a/p Kalimuthu (Penang) 
10. Ananthi a/p Ponnan (Selangor)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-6' winners:

1. Jamunaa a/p Sathiamohan (Johor) 
2. Mohd Amir Zakuan Radha Bin Abdullah (Pahang)
3. Annamah a/p Arulanthu (Selangor)
4. Tamil Chelvi a/p S.Govindasamy (Kedah) 
5. Kalliammah a/p Ponnon (Melaka)
6. Kanarajan a/l Munusamy (Selangor)
7. Pappamah a/p P. Thambusamy (Johor)
8. Bulliamah @Suseelah a/p Engannan (Negeri Sembilan) 
9. Sulochana a/p Krishnasamy (Perak)
10. Sri Devi a/p Raman (Selangor)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-7' winners:

1. Komathi a/p Tandawamorthi (Perak)
2. Tandawamorthi a/l Nagan (Perak)
3. Chithradewi a/p Subramaniam (Selangor)
4. Saraswathy a/p Marimuthu (Johor)
5. Santha Gomathy a/p Subramaniam (Selangor)
6. A Vikneshwaram a/ l Kuppan (Selangor)
7. Sharvendran a/l  Baskaran (Penang)
8. Gunasegar A/L Kumarraya (Perak)
9. Alagendran a/l Subramaniam (Pahang)
10. Puvaneswary a/p Arumugam (Perak)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-8' winners:

1. Dinesvary a/p Thangayah (Melaka)
2. Sundaram A/L Subramaniam (Selangor)
3. Sankari a/p Shanmugam (Pahang)
4. Seethu a/l Chandiramurthi (Selangor)
5. Kalaimamani a/p Karuppiah (Selangor)
6. Tamil Selvi a/p Madram (Selangor)
7. Dhavasini a/p Arumugham (Selangor)
8. Kasthuri a/p Ramachandren (Selangor)
9. Agathian a/l Muniappan (Selangor)
10. Rajagopal a/l Kandiah (Pahang)

Here are the 'விழுது 10-9' winners:

1. Sarala a/p Maniam (Perak)
2. Hariraaj  a/l Subramaniam (Pahang)
3. Selvi a.p. William (Negeri Sembilan)
4. Vickneswary a/p Uthayakumaran (Selangor) 
5. Ahanthi a/p Muniandy (Negeri Sembilan)
6. Ramadevi a/p Kadiresin (Negeri Sembilan)
7. Thamil Selvi A/P Kandasamy (Kedah)
8. Punitha a/p Veerappan (Selangor)
9. Mariammal a/p Varathan (Selangor)
10. Rokomany @Rukmani a/p Kallimuthu (Melaka)

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