5 Reasons Why You Mustn’t Miss To Watch Tubelight On BollyOne HD This February!

  • 07 Feb 2018
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1. Salman Khan starrer

Salman Khan is of course the highlight of the movie! It’s safe to say that this actor has a magical aura that drives his fans all in whenever there’s a new release. Well this would not be the only reason to catch him in this movie. He is ready to serve his fans with another new avatar in this movie, that’s sure to touch the chords of your heart.

2. Real Life Bromance on Screen


We already know how these brothers shares a close ties offscreen. We have seen them on screen together in mostly comical roles fighting for the attention of the female leads such as in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?, Main aur Mrs Khanna, and God Tussi Great Ho. What sets this movie apart from the rest, is their bromance and soul stirring bond in an emotional aspect that we have yet to see onscreen till to date.

3. This marks the last film appearance of Om Puri 


Veteran actor Om Puri’s sudden demise after the completion of the movie, had the industry mourning especially the Tubelight team. Om Puri played a prominent role in the movie and his passing even moved the director, Kabir Khan to dedicate the film in tribute to him.

4. The reunion of Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan

It’s not always we get to see two biggest Bollywood stars share a screen space after a gap of 20 years. So, when the news hit out about Shah Rukh’s cameo, Tubelight was already on everyone’s must watch list. We are sure you will love their chemistry and as expected ShahRukh never failed to do justice to every role he takes on. Here’s a thumb up to Gogo Pasha!

5. Love Across Boundaries

This is the first time Salman Khan will be seen starring opposite a Chinese actress. Zhu Zhu has already made several international appearances in Hollywood movies and TV shows such as in Netflix’s Marco Polo. Given the Indo-China war setting of the movie, it’d be a delight to watch their love blossoms with the scenic views of Ladakh.

Image Source: tribune, indianexpress, dnaindia and firstpost

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