Don’t Forget To Care For The Elderly During Deepavali!

  • 11 Oct 2019

Undoubtedly, the celebration on Deepavali illumines and brightens the whole country!

However, you may get so occupied in the festival gala that you forget about the elderly who need your love and special care on Deepavali.

So, Astro Ulagam would like to highlight two important ways to take care for the elderly.

1) Protect Them From Air Pollution

Fire crackers releases fumes and the pollutants or dust takes more than three days to settle down. Elderly people should stay away from those places with high concentration of fumes. This is even more important if they are suffering from any respiratory problem such as asthma. Therefore, keep medications, nebulizers and inhalers handy.

2) Protect Them From Noise Pollution

Elderly people are at high risk of health hazards linked to excessive noise pollution which includes tiredness, headache, impaired visual activity, loss of appetite and impact on sleep. Increased noise level can also trigger heart problem by elevating the blood pressure. So, make sure to go out of the house to burst fire crackers if you have an elderly person in your house.


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