Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Wish to Have Kids?

  • 12 May 2019

Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas wedding was one of the hottest topics in 2018. The shocking age gap of 10 years, with Priyanka being much senior of Nick, has been the primary focus on every gossip column.

However, after tying the knot, the couple never shied away from posting their romantic moments or giving the paparazzi a glimpse of their PDA every now and then. 


U make me smile. I’m so proud of you! #number1 #husbandappreciationpost ❤️

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One of the most common questions they keep getting is when the 'family is going to get bigger'. The media and their fans can't wait for Priyanka's pregnancy announcement and in a recent interview Priyanka addressed the question.

'Yeah. Always. I've always wanted to [to have kids]. I think, you know, whenever God wants it to happen,' she told E! News.

Happiest day of my life. @priyankachopra

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On the other hand, Nick has revealed his desire to have a kid on a chat show Spotify's The Rewind.

“I think that's a real dream, and I think I have had to grow up pretty quick. With that, you could look at it two ways, you could say that was unfair, or you could say it has given me some real perspective at an early age. And I have seen a lot of life at an early age and I hope to be able to share that with a kid of my own someday,” he expressed.

She makes me smile. ❤️😁😝

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While the couple has been pretty open about the life plans, isn't it unfair to pressure the newly-weds (not sure if we can still call them that) who are in the peak of their careers to start a family?

Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Daily MailTimes Now News
Photo Credit: Bollywood Shaadis

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