Over 29 years has passed since the tragic death of a young and talented rising Bollywood actress, who was at the peak of her career in the 90’s. She was just 19 years old when she fell off the balcony of her fifth-floor apartment at Versova, Mumbai.

Her passing is still filled with controversy till today, but Divya's father Om Bharti told a magazine that he did not suspect any foul play.

"There was no question of suicide or murder. Yes, she did drink a bit but how much can you drink in half an hour? And she was not depressed. She was the kind to give you depression!" he said.

What happened on the day of the Tragic Incident?

It was said that on the same date of her death, the actress had finalized a new apartment for herself and she was very happy as it was difficult to buy a 4BHK apartment in a city like Mumbai.

Later, the actress received a call from designer Neeta Lulla, who planned to visit her in the evening to discuss costumes for her upcoming film, Andolan. Neeta and her husband reached Divya's place around 10 pm and then they started chatting and consuming alcohol in the living area along with the presence of the maid Amrita.

Neeta and her husband who were indulged in watching TV, did not took interest in the conversation that happened between the two. Soon after, at the time when no one was watching, Divya facing her back towards the family room, reached on the tight ledge beneath the window that was around 12 inches wide. As she turned around, she lost her balance and fell, sustaining fatal injuries.

Though she was still breathing when the paramedics arrived, she succumbed to her injuries soon after she was rushed to the nearest hospital. It was said that there was a parking lot beneath the window, but on that day, not even a single car was parked there.

Controversy Surrounding her Death

Several theories floated around her sudden death. Of her strained relations with Sajid over his alleged connect with gangster Dawaood Ibrahim. Of her being high on substance abuse and alcohol.

Of Divya being pushed to death. “Yes, Divya had taken a bit of Mauritian Rum. But I can bet that she never took drugs. I used to be with her all the time. Had she been taking drugs, it would have shown in her work. But yes, she had a self-destructive streak. A few months before her death, she had gone to America.

There she got upset about something and burnt herself with cigarette stubs. Those marks were there even when she died. Also, during the Radha Ka Sangam phase, she was disturbed about something and slashed her wrists. She’d harm herself in anger.” Divya’s mom, Mita shared.

The Present

Very much like Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe, rising star Divya Bharti’s death also invited wild speculations, only to grow hazy with time.

The industry lost a shining star but each one of us remember her as a successful actress but her death has always remained an unsolved mystery that has been hovering between an accidental fall and a wish of death.

Image Source: FreePressJournal, CatchNews, FilmFare, DivyaBhartiBlog, Lady Fact