Temple In PJ To Be Demolished For A New Development?

  • 07 Jun 2019

A 73-year old Sri Maha Muniswarar Temple in Kampang Arshat, Sungai Way has been asked by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) to make way for a new development project.
While the temple is located on state government land, its chairman, Sivakumar Nachinan, is appealing on the grounds that it doesn’t lie within the development land for the project. Sivakumar, in an interview with The Star, said the temple takes up 929sqm in the 8.9ha land, and the housing project will only use 8.05ha which will not involve the temple land.
The temple committee has been in discussions with PKNS since 2015 to get the corporation to reconsider its plans to demolish the temple. However, discussions haven’t been fruitful.
Sivakumar said the temple committee had been made to understand that any temple older than 50 years should be given land before it is relocated. He said that PKNS, however, only offered RM30,000 compensation in 2016 without any alternative land to relocate to.
Sivakumar stated that PKNS has appointed a company to handle the development project despite the temple committee's effort to resolve the issue amicably.
He said the committee lodged a police report when the company’s appointed ‘security guard manager’ began sending threatening messages and calls.
The committee wants their temple to remain in the same location or, if they are relocated, for PKNS to provide land in Petaling Jaya and bear the construction cost of a new temple, or provide RM3.5 million compensation for the temple to buy new land.
The committee has now sent a letter to Selangor Socio-economic Empowerment, Development, and Caring Government Committee chairman V. Ganabatirau for his assistance to resolve this issue.
PKNS, meanwhile, has said that the temple was built without permission and is within the construction site. A PKNS spokesperson said that the project site has been handed over to Melati Ehsan (M) to be developed.

Source: TheStar
Image Source: TheStar

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