Yek Dong Ping, a 78-year-old rubber trader from Sitiawan, Perak, stands as a remarkable embodiment of unity and support in Malaysia, as evidenced by his unwavering commitment to SJKT Ayer Tawar, a Tamil primary school in Ayer Tawar. Three decades ago, Yek purchased a plot of agricultural land for RM330,000, already hosting the school.

Rather than displacing the educational institution, Yek not only permitted its continuous operation but also magnanimously waived any rent charges. Taking his benevolence, a step further, he undertook the responsibility of covering the quit rent for the half-acre of land occupied by the school.

Yek's motivation was grounded in a sincere desire to support the education of Indian-Tamil children, ensuring they could learn their mother tongue in a conducive environment. Last year, when the school sought to purchase the land for expansion and refurbishment, Yek displayed exceptional generosity by agreeing to sell nearly three acres for a mere RM400,000, despite the land's estimated value being around RM200,000 per acre.

However, Yek's commitment to the cause became even more evident when he discovered that the school's board of directors faced financial constraints. In an extraordinary gesture, he not only reduced the price to RM350,000 but also donated RM50,000 to the school's fundraising campaign, emphasizing his sincere dedication to the betterment of education.

Facing challenges in fundraising, the school continued to encounter Yek's benevolence as he further reduced the price to RM300,000. The depth of Yek's kindness earned him heartfelt praise and admiration from the school, particularly from its two vice headmistresses. His actions, which extended beyond financial support to include sponsorship of school activities and even festive deliveries during Chinese New Year, underscored a selfless commitment to community welfare.

In his humble acknowledgment of his actions, Yek stated, "I am not rich, but I can still afford to pay the quit rent." His support is portrayed as a genuine expression of gratitude towards the Indian rubber tappers who have been steadfast supporters throughout his years. Yek Dong Ping's philanthropy serves as an inspiring example of cross-cultural cooperation and shared commitment to education in Malaysia.

Source / Image Credit : SinChew , Says