The Bigg Boss season 4 is coming to an end today with a 6-hour back-to-back ceremony to crown the title winner.

Aari Arjunan was expected to be the Bigg Boss winner this time after gaining a massive fan following due to his participation in Bigg Boss S4.

Now since the grand finale shooting is over, news are making rounds that Aari Arjunan won the Bigg Boss S4 title with a whopping 23 crores votes - a number which goes several crores more than the total votes in the S3.

Meanwhile, Bala was speculated to be the first runner up with over 4-crore votes and Rio is the second runner up with approximately 4-crores votes.

Out of the five finalists, Ramya was said to secure the fourth position with 3.7-crore votes, followed by Som Sekhar at the fifth standing with 3.2-crore votes.

However, these speculations can only be confirmed following the grand finale telecast tonight.