The highly anticipated Bigg Boss weekend episode has aired today, and Kamal Haasan discussed the luxury budget task with the housemates.

Kamal addressed most of the housemates for playing an unfair game including Aari, but the fans got disappointed when Kamal failed to address the bullying that was going on in the house when the housemates were targetting Aari for telling the truth.

Aari who started playing the game fairly at first later joined the rest and broke the rules. But fans questioned why Bigg Boss returned Rio's golden egg when the rules were broken by Aari, but chose to ignore it when Aari's was in the same situation at first.

Fans took social media to share their frustration that Kamal didn't point out the housemates' mistakes for targetting Aari, but Kamal roasted him instead for playing an unfair game; some even claimed that Kamal failed to see the justice in this game show, and politics isn't the right career for him.

Since the fans accuse that Kamal failed to address some of the important points to stop the on-going bullying in the house towards Aari, they have now taken social media to show kurumpadam to support him:

1. Aari didn't leave his nest when Anitha claimed his golden egg and several housemates approached him one shot. But the egg was not returned to him like how it was returned to Rio:

2. Balaji claims that Aari doesn't have good sportsmanship and backbites to Ajeedh and Ramya for claiming the egg when it was supposed to be Anitha's turn. But Som and Bala have also attempted to touch Rio's egg:

3. Anitha, Archana, and Ramya agreed to let Aari go as the second person, but later denied and accused him of grabbing Anitha's chance. Aari told to the camera that Anitha touched first, but she got dsqualified after Rio touching her tail, thus he's next in line to claim it: