Bigg Boss S3's most controversial participant Vanitha Vijayakumar left the Bigg Boss house last week.

In a recent interview, the actress has revealed many things that are happening inside the house - which are mostly not shown in the 1-hour show.

Among the many things the actress spoke about is the confusing relationship between Abhirami Iyer and Mugen Rao.

In just two days after the show commenced, Abhirami proposed to her fellow contestant Kavin, whom she has a crush on even before the show started. But Kavin declined her proposal immediately saying that it is too soon to decide.

"We were playing truth and dare, and I jokingly asked Abhirami to make Kavin jealous by being close with Mugen. I didn't expect her to fall in love with Mugen the next day," said Vanitha.

Abhirami who mentioned in the show that Kavin doesn't deserve her ended up getting close with Malaysia-born Mugen Rao.

In an interview, even Fatimah Babu mentioned that she overheard Abhirami talking about finding a boyfriend in the show even before the premiere of Bigg Boss when both of them shared the same caravan.

According to Vanitha, Mugen confessed earlier that he's in a serious relationship with a girl back in Malaysia, whom the housemates referred to as 'Sparkle'. When Vanitha asked if he's dating a Malay girl who doesn't watch the show, he admits that she's a Malaysian Indian.

"I told Mugen that his girlfriend might get hurt after seeing him being close with Abhirami. But I got shocked when he said that his girlfriend is aware that he's merely acting," she added.

In a recent episode, Abhirami confessed in front of the housemates that she's not sure if what she has with Mugen is mere friendship or if its something more. Mugen in return confessed that Abhirami is his most favourite person in the house and that he likes spending time with her.

Besides revealing about the relationship with Mugen and Abhirami, Vanitha also spoke about the relationship between Sakshi and Kavin. Check out her interview here:

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