Vanitha who got eliminated from Bigg Boss reality show is back in the Bigg Boss house once again as a guest. And this time, her biggest target is our Malaysian contestant Mugen!

In the previous episode, Vanitha told Mugen that it's his fault to give false hope to Abhirami when he is already in a relationship. But even Abhirami admitted in front everyone that Mugen was clear about his decision to stay friends with her.

Now in a recent promo, Vanitha was seen gossiping about Mugen to Abhirami.

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"Do you know who is Thurga?," questioned Vanitha to Abhirami.

Thurga, Mugen's atteh ponnu, has recently revealed in an interview that they are not in a relationship but have spoken about marriage if things worked out well. But, Mugen ended up talking about a girl named Nadiah in the Bigg Boss show.

However, Mugen didn't give false hope to Abhirami as he informed about his love-relationship to her. And also mentioned that he will always see her as a friend.

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So is Vanitha character assassinating Mugen by portraying him in a bad light? Check out the latest promo here:

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Image credit: Insta thurga_sathiavelu & Vijay TV