The love controversy between actors Abiney and Pavni became one of the most discussed topic on the current season of Bigg Boss. Their relationship was questioned by fellow contestant Raju during the 'truth and dare' task and Pavni even confessed about receiving a romantic letter from the actor.

Following Abiney's Bigg Boss exit, he revealed that his wife responded to the controversy in the same way that any other wife would, but he assures his fans that family is everything, and it all relies on how one handles the situation.

His wife Aparna who previously stated on social media that she believes him and loves him despite everything has now deleted the post she made in support of her husband. She has even dropped her husband's name from her social media account and renamed her profile as 'Aparna Varadharajan'.

The couple who got married in 2007 celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary months back, and they have an adorable daughter. Now Aparna's action has sparked divorce rumours.