Stunt choreographer Stun Siva, who has worked on several films like "Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu" and "Imaikkaa Nodigal", is turning hero in "Vettaiyan", which is being directed by Vincent Selva.

He plays a tribal man living in a forest and an elephant has a crucial role in the film. The team has hired Kalidas, the elephant that acted in "Baahubali 2: The Conclusion".

Tushara plays the female lead in the film and she has a special role in the film, "The hero meets her character when he comes to the city. She owns an elephant herself. Yogi Babu plays a role similar to the one he had in "Kolamaavu Kokila". As in that film, he woos the heroine and also has a song. She actually starts romancing the hero just to avoid Yogi Babu's proposal," he said.

"A few powerful men try to hire this elephant, a rare one that is called a 'ratha komban'. But Siva's character refuses to budge and this creates problems for him. The men paint him as a Maoist, and situations force him to come to the city. How he gets out of the problem and goes back to his forest forms the plot. There will be a touch of Akira Kurosawa's "Dersu Uzala" in the climax," says the director.

"The protagonist hails from a forest tribe. How he comes to the city in search of his elephants, which are kidnapped by poachers, forms the film's plot. We are currently shooting the scene where the hero comes to the villain's den, following which a fight erupts. This is one among the eight action scenes in the movie. When I approached Siva master for this project, little did he expect that I had plans to cast him as the hero."

Sounds like a film not to be missed. Well, the rest of the cast and crew thought so and this is what they had to say!

"I loved shooting an unplanned scene. when I saw three elephants standing side by side, an idea struck me. I jumped from one to another without resting on any of them as their body structure isn't safe to hold our weight. Usually, in such scenes, we need a rope. But I had the confidence to pull it off. But I couldn't land properly, and got hurt.
- Stun Siva, the hero of the film and its action choreographer

I play a Dubai-based businessman in the film. I am happy to have landed another interesting role in Tamil. I have only less than 10 days of shooting. It feels good to work with someone like Selva sir. The respect people here give you is amazing. My director apologised when I got my lunch late. I was taken aback
- Kabir Singh, actor

There is a dearth of action films in Tamil after Vijayakanth bid adieu to acting. The highlight of "Vettaiyan", apart from the fight scenes, is the combination of Yogi Babu and Rajendran. Lollu Sabha fame Swaminathan, too, plays a crucial character.
- Balu K, producer

The plot of the movie has relevance in today's times as it deals with exploiting elephants and wildlife. I have enjoyed watching some of the action scenes choreographed by Siva sir. This is my first project in Tamil and second with Kabir. We did a Kannada film together
- Vaishnavi, actress

Siva master has composed action interestingly - it will be a feast for fans of the Action genre. I'm quite satisfied with the way some chasing scenes have been shot in Sathyamangalam forest. A few aerial shots have come out well.
- Venkatesh, cinematographer

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Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: YouTube