Besant Ravi is a well-known supporting actor who joined the Survivor Tamil show as one of the strongest contestants in the Vedargal Tribe. The actor got eliminated recently after he volunteered to leave the show due to his injuries and got defeated during the final task by Vijiyaletchumy.

In his recent interview, the actor opened up about how the contestants struggled for food and denied any sexual harassment-related incidents during their stay at the island. He clarified several ongoing controversies and the actual reason for leaving the show.

"I have a life and a career after the show and I had to leave the show to get proper medical treatment. I couldn't get complete treatment while being a part of the show as I still need to take part in the games," said the actor who's still recovering from his injuries at the moment.

He further revealed that Umapathy and Saran are the strongest contestants in the show, and he only learned about some of the contestants' strategies and tactics once he watched the show from home. Check out his latest interview here: