Back in 2017, #SuchiLeaks shook the cine industry and some even claimed that it was the dark times for Kollywood. Well-known singer Suchitra leaked intimate and scandalous photos of celebrities on her Twitter account.

While her then-husband Karthik claimed that her account was hacked and the singer was emotionally not well, things did seem a little fishy.

The Twitter account has claimed that Dhanush was the reason behind Amala Paul and director AL Vijay's divorce and even linked him to several celebrities. Dhanush was put under fire by many for maintaining a dignified silence during the controversy.

It has been nearly 3 years since the incident and AL Vijay's father AL Azhagappan now claimed that Dhanush is indeed the reason behind the marriage failure of his son with Amala Paul.

According to him in a recent interview, after her marriage to AL Vijay, Amala Paul was taking a sabbatical from films. However, Dhanush convinced Amala Paul to star in 'Amma Kanakku' under his production, after which the actress began signing more films.

Following the critical success of the film, Amala Paul decided to continue acting which led the couple to separate and file for divorce. AL Azhagappan's allegations of Dhanush has caused a lot of stir in the industry.

Since the divorce, AL Vijay has now remarried a doctor named Aishwarya and Amala Paul is carving her footprint in Kollywood by starring in films with heavier subjects.

Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: The News Pocket, Filmibeat & Indiaglitz