Serial actor Ishwar and actress Jayashree made the headlines in 2019, when the latter lodged a police complaint against the former of domestic violence and abuse.

Following the couple's public feud, they filed for divorce and the case is still going on in court. In the middle of the court case, actor Ishwar has now lodged a case regarding his ex-wife Jayashree.

In the case, the actor revealed that Jayashree is currently in a relationship with someone named Raghavesh and the couple has started living together. Raghavesh's father who is unhappy about their relationship has sought Ishwar's help to separate them.

Ishwar further revealed that he has denied any help to Raghavesh's father and accused him of planning to kill Jayashree to put an end to the relationship.

"If something happens to Jayashree, that blame will come to me. Thus, I registered a complaint to stress that I will not be responsible if something bad happens to her," said the actor. Watch the video here: