It was quite an interesting week in Bigg Boss Tamil S5 as the contestants were visited by their family members in the latest freeze task, and rumours are also making rounds that an unexpected double eviction caused two strong players to leave the game.

The show's host Kamal Haasan made the show more exciting after the actor frankly pointed out the contestants' blunders and gave unbiased feedback on their performances in the show so far. Despite all the praise, criticism, and advice Kamal gave the contestants, one of Kamal's statements became the highlight after many viewers pointed out that the actor is taking a dig at 'Cooku with Comali' fame Ashwin Kumar.

"Veliya kettu parunge, sila per pesuna thungiruvange," says Kamal who indirectly hints at Ashwin's trending speech which received massive backlash from his industry colleagues, moviegoers, and fans.

Ashwin became the talk of the town recently due to his controversial speech in the 'Enna Solla Pogirai' audio launch. The actor confessed that he has the habit of falling asleep when listening to boring movie scripts, and admits to dozing off while listening to roughly 40 scripts in his career.