The Korean thriller survivor Netflix series Squid Game drew a massive response from critics and viewers. The show's popularity prompted its creators to release it in more languages, one of it being Tamil.

Nasser, a veteran actor, has been cast as the voice of Oh Il-Nam (a.k.a Player 01), an elderly man with a brain tumor. Netflix India South released a three-minute snippet featuring the actor dubbing for the character.

"The whole world has been talking about the web series Squid Game today. Made in the Korean language, it is now being dubbed in several languages apart from being available in subtitles. I'm dubbing for a very important character played by Oh Young-Soo," he stated.

Nasser is impressed with the Korean actor and said, "Despite coming across as a fragile guy, the 77-year-old actor has done a terrific job."

The versatile actor with a decades-old acting career is enthralled by the plot twists on the series and exclaimed that it reminds him of Mahabharatam at one point.

Check out the video here:

Source: Netflix India South
Photo Credit: HITC, Gulte & Netflix