Siddharth is a pan-India actor who has performed in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. The talented actor is known for his controversial statements on Twitter.

This time, Siddharth claimed that box office collection data are not credible and the 'producers have been lying' about it. Check out his tweet here:

In a past interview, Siddharth stated that he is concerned about the repercussions of vocalising his thoughts and unpopular opinion on Twitter.

“I’m hoping the director cast us as actors, not as our true selves. In the past 15 years, I have tried to live without fear. It comes from being a very secure person. As an actor, you worry about doing your job well, having the wherewithal to do it. In real life, if you stand by your intent, then you are prepared for the consequences,” he said.

Previously, a well-known film distributor Tiruppur Subramanian spoke about 'exaggerated box-office collection reports that are supposedly made to please the fans.'

Source: Indiaglitz & the News Minute
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