Actor Silambarasan, or STR, is dubbed as Kollywood's 'King of Controversies'. He's been at the center of media attention for many scandalous issues. In the past few years, his films flopped, and some of his directed accused the actor of commitment issues.

In August 2017, the actor retrieved himself from social media to avoid negativity. During his absence, the actor recreated his image by losing weight and turning fit. When he unveiled his new stylish look and a fit physique, netizens were stunned.

Simbu's fans are eagerly waiting for the release of his upcoming film 'Maanadu' directed by Venkat Prabhu. Kalyani Priyadarshan is Simbu's pair in this film and their chemistry is a sensation among his fans.

Simbu recently revealed that an important scene in the film was taken in a single shot. During his initial acting years, Simbu found it difficult to cry and often needed to slap his thighs to cry in emotional scenes.

However, he has honed his acting skills now and couldn't stop crying even after the end of the scene. The sci-fi thriller was expected to release in May but is postponed to October due to the lockdown in India.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: On Looker Media