Google India recently announced its 2021 stats of 'Year in Search', which summarised India's top-most search trends in different fields. Surprisingly, Suriya's legal thriller 'Jai Bhim' tops the list, beating Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's 'Radhe', the critically-acclaimed 'Shershah' and Thalapathy Vijay's highly-successful 'Master'.

Directed by TJ Gnanavel, the film, based on real-life events of a 1993 case fought by Justice K. Chandru, depicts the horrors of injustice towards the marginalised community. Suriya, who portrays K Chandru, assists a tribal woman whose husband was wrongfully detained and abused by the police.

The film launched on Amazon Prime and was a big hit, receiving critical accolades from all around the world.
Suriya and the filmmakers, on the other hand, were hounded by controversies. A certain community was offended by a particular scene, alleging that their community's image had been tarnished, and filed a lawsuit against them.

Director Gnanavel has since apologized for hurting the community's sentiments, and the issues have gradually subsided.

Gnanavel mentioned in his official statement that his film is based on true incidents and that he intended to show tribal people's suffering.

He also stated that he was surprised by some of the responses to the film.

Source: Hindustan Times & Outlook India
Photo Credit: On Manorama & Twitter