Actor Prashant is a prominent hero in the 90s who's all set to make a comeback to cinema via his upcoming movie 'Andhagan'. The latest buzz in Kollywood suggest that the actor is all set to remarry again after the release of his next movie.

Now Prashant's dad, actor cum director Thiagarajan, has clarified the rumours in a recent interview. He revealed that Prashant's first marriage was arranged by him and that he still regret the decision to-date. Now rumours are going around that Prashant will be getting married after Andhagaan.

"It's my duty to arrange a good life for my son. I really wish he finds a life partner himself, but he always wanted his parents to arrange. The marriage news are rumours and I'm still looking for a suitable bride for my son," said the veteran actor.

The actor further clarified details about Prashant's troubled past marriage life. He revealed that Prashant's ex-wife left the house in just a month, and they were never united despite many attempts. The court has also declared the marriage as null and void after checking the documents related to Griharalaksmi's first marriage. Check out the interview here: