Aishwarya Rajesh is a South Indian actress who's currently in the peak of her career. But it took her many years of hard work and rejection to come to this position.

In a Ted Talks session held in Trichy months ago with the theme 'Colours Behind The Lines', the actress opened up about the tragedies she faced as a kid, and how she was discriminated in the industry before making her way up.

"I was body-shamed and sexually harassed in the industry, but I know how to handle them. I was denied opportunities for my skin color and my ability to speak Tamil," she revealed.

However, self-proclaimed supermodel and actress Meera Mithun accused Aishwarya Rajesh of 'nepotism'.

She alleged that the actress is surviving in the industry because she came from a family full of stars, but pretending to have come from a difficult background.

Aishwarya's grandfather is a Telugu producer and actor, while her aunt Srilakshmi is a Telugu comedian with over 500 films under her belt. Her brother Manikandan is a TV serial artist, and he acted in the famous TV serial 'Azhagu'. Her sister-in-law is also an actress and worked with her in 'Lakshmi'.

While Aishwarya Rajesh has never gone out of her way to hide the background of her family, it irks us why she never mentioned this in the Ted Talks session. She spoke about her father's death at the tender age of eight and also the tragic demise of her two brothers, but failed to mention that her family had a connection to the film industry.

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Source: TEDx
Photo Credit: Cinespot, TFC Comedy, Pinterest & Behindwoods