Actress Amala Paul first fell in love and married director AL Vijay in 2014. However, the couple parted ways a few years after due to personal disagreements.

Last year, AL Vijay's father AL Azhagappan alleged that Amala Paul's refusal to take a break from her acting career was the reason for their divorce. He also accused Dhanush to have played a part in their divorce.

Denying the stament, amala Paul said Dhanush is just her well-wisher and she never want to speak of this issue again.

"It's been along time since it happened. I don't want to talk about this any firther," Amala Paul said.

Both of them seemed to have moved on now that AL Vijay got married to a doctor named Aiswarya and Amala Paul revealed details about her new lover in 2019.

In a recent interview, Amala Paul opened up about her marriage plans with this new guy in her life.

"There is still time for marriage. After completing the films up my sleeves, I will announce my love and marriage details as informed,” she explained.

Source: Daily Thanthi
Photo Credit: Gulte