Devayani is a famous Kollywood actress who was at the top of her career in the 90s - playing the female lead alongside top heroes of that time.

The actress debuted in chinnathirai via the hit mega-series 'Kolangal' in the year 2003 and has worked on several other serials to-date.

Now Devayani is returning to the screen with her upcoming series 'Puthu Puthu Arthangal' - a series that beautifully depicts human relationships, which also highlight the story of a woman with dreams and responsibilities.

In a recent interview, Devayani reveals that she's thrilled to work again with actor Abhishek whom she has worked with for 7 years in Kolangal.

Both Devayani and Abhishek will be returning as the lovable on-screen couple once again after almost 12 years. Check out Devayani's interview here:

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