If you don't know who's Saravanan Arul, the owner of Saravana Selvarathnam Stores in India, you should probably watch his ad film with actress Hansika. He is the son of late business mogul Selvarathinam who was the founder of the Saravana Selvarathnam Stores and part of the largest family-run business retail chain in India.

Saravanan Arul became the subject of online trolls and ridicule when he starred in one of his stores' ads with actress Hansika. Here's the video:

After the video, Saravanan Arul went on to star in more ads for Deepavali and other festival seasons, making him a known personality among the netizens. Recently, it was rumoured that Saravavaan will be debuting in Kollywood with actress Hansika (because of their hit ad film together) in which 'he plays an alien from outer space who saves the earth in a crisis'.

Following the unconfirmed reports, actress Hansika took to Twitter to make her statement and all she did was to deny the new with two words, 'Not true'.

It rang loud and clear that Hansika is not interested in being cast together with Saravanan Arul again, especially in a movie.

But, it's pretty interesting to see how Saravanan utilises the negative attention he gets to amplify his brand presence.

What do you think about his ad film and Hansika's refusal to act with him? Let us know in the comments!

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