Bayilvan Ranganathan is a supporting actor turned Youtuber who often plays antagonist in his decades' old career in Kollywood. The actor has now started his own YouTube channel where he shares unheard controversial stories of Kollywood stars.

However, many celebrities have claimed that the actor are exaggerating the stories and adding up unnecessary lies to spice up the content. Now joining the list is Bigg Boss fame Kasthuri Shankar who threatens the actor with a law suit for creating fake news.

In a previous video, the actor allegedly claimed that Kasthuri won the 'Miss Madras' beauty pageant in an unethical means and made few controversial statements regarding her personal life. The actor further sexualised her "motherhood" photoshoot in which Kasthuri was featured with her newborn. In return, Kasthuri released a video clarifying the truth and slammed the actor for the cheap publicity.

Besides Kasthuri, the actor has also spoken about Aishwarya Rajinikanth, Oviya and several other prominent actors in recent times. Check out actress Kasthuri's clarifications here: