Namitha is a well-known actress who took part in Bigg Boss S1 in the year 2017 and got married to the love of her life Veerendra, the same year.

In a recent interview, the actress revealed how she and her husband met each other and fell in love.

"I seldom meet tall guys in Tamil Nadu, and his height became my first attraction towards him. In my second meet-up with him, he brought my favourite homemade chocolate chip cookies," she revealed.

Besides getting attracted to his height, the actress further revealed that she got impressed when she learned that he can cook, he's a good listener and motivates her with her life goals.

"At first I was hesitating. I didn't know if he was faking it as it was too good to be true. But as time goes, I learned that he was genuine."

Namitha also revealed that she got shocked by his unexpected proposal: "It was love at first sight for him. But he waited a year before proposing to me with a diamond ring, on a beach with my favourite foods," she added.

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