Actress Namitha made her debut in Kollywood via Vijaykanth's 'Engal Anna' film released in 2004. The star's acting career kickstarted and she went on to be part of many famous Tamil films, notably Billa and Azhagiya Tamizh Magan.

However, soon Namitha began receiving fewer and fewer film roles. After a long break, the actress was seen participating in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil in the hopes of rebooting her acting career. Unfortunately, some viewers were not fond of Namitha's dominant personality in the Bigg Boss house.

After the show, Namitha married her boyfriend Veerendra in 2017. Last year, she hit the headlines for her weight loss transformation and gorgeous photoshoots. Fans got a glimpse of the star's new avatar on her Instagram handle.

Much recently, Namitha created a buzz on Instagram for revealing a follower who's been harassing her online. The star revealed the man's photo and explained how 'he has been calling her names in DM' and claimed to have 'seen her so-called 'PORN' and is going to publish it online'. This is the post:

Hi all, this one cheap minded, free loser has been calling me names in DM. As you can read he is @i_am_thamizh_senthamizh . He started with name calling like 'Hi Item' . Hence , when I confronted him , he said his account got hacked !!! And when I pursued him, he said he has seen my so called 'PORN' and he's going to publish it online now !!! Knowing the facts, I said pls 'Go ahead '.. See this face people ! This is the face of a Loser, a Cheap minded , Filthy person, who thinks he has Right to call any Woman, with any cheap and dirty names,just because he thinks He Can !!!! Why should I listen to this ?! Just because I'm in Media ?! Just because I'm in a Glamour Industry?! You think you know me ?! You think you know who I'm as a person ??! DO NOT MISTAKE MY SILENCE FOR MY WEAKNESS !! A Real Man knows how to Respect a Woman, Any Woman from Any path of Life, for he knows how it feels if someone will Disrespect his own Mother! Instead of Celebrating Navratri where you pray to Godess Durga for 9 days and instead of Celebrating Women's Day, learn to respect women in your General Life. Because that's what matters at the End of the Day!!

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Netizens are applauding Namitha's act of revealing the culprit. The man's Instagram handle has been deleted since.

Source: Instagram
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