The ever-gorgeous actress Pooja Umashankar has been away from the South Indian movie industry for quite some time.

The actress debuted in Kollywood via 'Ullam Ketkumeh' and has played many prominent roles in Indian cinema to-date.

Even Superstar Rajinikanth praised her performance in Naan Kadavul, where the actress acted along Arya.

"To perfect my role, director Bala made me beg on the street for real. And that helped me give a soulful performance in Naan Kadavul," she confessed.

The actress who hails from Sri Lanka last played a controversial role in 'Vidiyum Mun' before completely focusing on Singhalese cinema.

When asked about her marriage life, the actress revealed: "My husband Prashant and I were long-time good friends, and I realised that I'm happy when he's around. That's when we decided to get married, and had a very simple wedding. It was not love at first sight."

In 2016, the actress had a simple wedding ceremony in the presence of six of her family members, while the other 40 attendees represented the groom. Her husband is a businessman who also hails from Sri Lanka.

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