Following the release of Dhrisham 2, Kamal Haasan and director Jeethu Joseph are in the talks of making 'Papanasam 2'.

Since Kamal Haasan's next movie 'Vikram' is going through rescheduling due to date clash between Vijay Sethupathi and Fahad, and the shooting of 'Indian 2' has been halted until further notice, it is said that Kamal is considering competing 'Papanasam 2' once the lockdown is lifted.

However, it is speculated that there might be a significant change in part 2 as the heroine will be replaced since ex-couple Kamal and Gauthami are not in talking terms.

Thus, it is reported that Meena who played the role in the 'Dhrisham 2', will also be playing the lead actress in the Tamil version.