Bharathi Kannamma is one of the popular soap operas on television, with actress Farina Azad playing Dr. Venba. In the serial, Venba is in love with the male lead Bharathi and plots evil plans to break his marriage with his wife Kannamma.

The actress became one of the popular serial villains and even won awards for her flawless acting in the series. She amassed huge followings on social media because of her character and often interacts with her fans.

Recently, Farina posted a click from her pregnancy photoshoot and revealed that she's expecting. The actress will be giving birth in three months and fans are shocked at how she managed to hide her bump in the serial.

Some are speculating that Farina will be replaced by a new actress Salma Arun during her delivery. However, in a recent live interaction, she revealed that the new actress is playing the character of Dr. Priya, a new entry in Bharathi Kannamma. Check out the full video here:

Guess no one can replace Venba in the serials nor the hearts of her fans!

Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Salma Arun & Farina's Instagram