Rithika is a serial actress who participated in the 'Cooku With Comali S2' cooking show as a wildcard participant. Despite being in the show for a short period of time, the actress developed great chemistry with the show's comali cum 'Kalaka Povathu Yaaru' winner Bala.

During the show, Rithika clarified that Bala is nothing but a mere friend and put a full stop to rumours about their relationship.

Now both Rithika and Bala have became partners in Vijay TV's new comedy show 'Comedy Raja Kalakkal Rani', and the speculations about their love relationship have commenced once again.

The actress recently interacted with her fans via her Instagram handle and spoke about her relationship with Bala. She revealed that they are just friends, but act affectionate in the show to make it interesting for the viewers. She further revealed that her future husband should be genuine and trustworthy, and looks doesn't matter for her.