Sadha Sayed is an Indian actress who worked in Tamil and Telugu films. Her breakthrough role in Jayam (2003) brought her to the limelight. Soon, she was part of many hit films like Anniyan and Unnale Unnale.

In early 2010s, Sadha's popularity started dropping and she received lesser substantial roles. The actress began to focus in Telugu reality TV shows for a few years.

In 2018, Sadha tried to make a comeback with a film called 'Torchlight'. In the film, she was forced to turn into a sex worker to get funds for her husband's medical expenses. But, he leaves her after getting better. The story takes a dark turn from that moment.

The film received mixed reviews and failed to relaunch her acting career. After three years, Sadha is now acting in a Telugu film 'Kitty Party'.

The 37-year-old actress is still unmarried and never publicly known to have been in a relationship. When asked during an interview for Torchlight promotions, Sadha admitted that she never met anyone who is compatible with her.

"I don't have any ideas of marriage now. But if I meet someone who's right for me, I'll get married," she added.

Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Net TV For U & Puthu Yugam TV