South Indian actress cum model Sahana was found dead on her 22nd birthday days back. The actress who starred in the Kollywood movie 'Lock Down' was found hanging on the window railing at her residence in Kerala. While it was initially speculated that the actress has committed suicide, her parents have raised suspicion of alleged murder.

Sahana's parents revealed that their daughter got married one and a half year ago, and was subjected to domestic violence and emotional trauma by her husband Sajjad who also stopped her from meeting them.

"My daughter was murdered as she would never commit suicide. She complained to me about the physical abuse she was facing at home, and the torture she went through. Police should investigate this and give justice to my daughter," said Sahana's mom to the media.

It was further reported that the couple had several arguments about money as Sajjad was unemployed, and the landlord had rushed to their home after hearing Sajjad's call for help.