Samantha Akkineni is an award-winning actress who has come a long way in her career. She is one of the most established stars in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. In recent times, Samantha is increasingly cast in female-centric roles and her acting has improved tremendously over the years.

The actress was recently voted as Chennai Times' Most Desirable Woman 2020, following by Malavika Mohanan and Keerthy Suresh. Talking about topping the list, Samantha said she's not comfortable with receiving compliments or awards.

"Apparently, marriage has made me much more desirable (laughs). Earlier, I never really got these tags, and now, these tags are coming consistently. But, thank you. I am not very great at receiving compliments or awards. People who are close to me know that I get very uncomfortable with awards or compliments, so I would not really know how to reply exactly," she said.

When asked how her husband Naga Chaitanya reacted to the news, Samantha admitted that she hasn't told him.

"Maybe if this was happening four years back, I would have run to everybody and said, ‘You know what, I am the Most Desirable’ (laughs). I am in a place where making an impact through the voice and responsibility that I have is my yardstick of being desirable," she explained.

The actress also revealed her most desirable girl crush to be Nayanthara. She finds Amy Jackson and Sai Pallavi pretty as well. In Bollywood, Samantha's top picks are Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.

Talking about her relationship with her husband Naga Chaitanya, Samantha revealed she takes the first step to dissolve any fights. And she said that being jealous or possessive is never cool.

"Verbal abuse. Harsh, loud verbal abuses are a definite no," the actress added.

Samantha also unveiled the three relationship mantras she swears by:
1) It is important to pick your battles.
2) Respect the other person. No two people are alike, so be respectful of the other person’s experiences.
3) Nothing like a laugh. A little humour never hurts.

Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: Indian Cinema Galleries & India TV