Shriya Saran is a famous Kollywood actress who've settled down in Barcelona, Spain after getting married to her bae Andrei Koscheev two years back.

In a recent interview with TOI, the actress revealed that her husband has developed Covid-19 symptoms such as dry cough and fever. When they approached a hospital, the doctor urged them to leave and self isolate as they were overwhelmed with patients, and further informed that he will have a higher chance of getting infected with the virus if he stays in the hospital.

Thus, Shriya and her husband returned home and maintained a safe distance from each other. The actress revealed that her husband is recovering from his sickness, but didn't specify if he was tested negative for the virus.

Spain is among the countries badly affected by the Coronavirus and has been in the second spot after the United States of America. Over 170,000 people have been tested positive for the deadly virus so far, with over 17,000 recorded deaths in the country.

Let's wish everyone affected by the deadly virus around the world a speedy recovery!