Silk Smitha is probably one of the most iconic actresses in South Indian cinema history. It was believed that at the peak of her career, directors would line-up for her call sheet dates even before fixing their lead actor and actress.

She was a phenomenon overwhelming the cine industry with her glamour and sensuality. However, Silk Smitha shocked everyone when she hanged herself at the age of 36.

While suicide stories are common in the cine world, Silk Smitha was the kind of person anybody thought would take her own life. After all, she was a rebel who defied the norms of the industry and carved out her own place in the world.

After many years, a new piece of information related to Silk Smitha's suicide came to light many years after her demise. One of her co-star and friends Kannada star V Ravichandran revealed that the actress tried to reach him hours before her suicide.

"I was busy shooting that day (September 23, 1996) and was surprised to see Smitha trying frantically to reach me a few times. I tried to speak to her, but the call never got through due to poor connectivity. I thought it was a routine call. However, the next day, to my horror, I realised that Smitha had killed herself. I shudder to think of what could have been the reason for her call. This haunts even me now," he said to a Kannada channel.

We wonder why Silk Smitha tried to call this Kannada star before her death. To date, her mysterious death has many unanswered questions. In 2013, a film called 'Dirty Picture' inspired by her life events resurfaced memories about her among the audience and the film fraternity.

Source: Filmibeat
Photo Credit: Silk Smitha Facebook Page