There was a time in the 2000s that Deepavali cards flashed with the beautiful smile of actress Sneha. She was a craze at the peak of her career. Her traditional and homely look and great acting made her instantly likable.

The actress first met her husband Prasanna on the sets of the 2009 film 'Achchamundu Achchamundu'. They fell in love and surprised everyone by tying the knot in 2012.

Sneha gave birth to her son Vihaan in the year 2015. She got pregnant with her second child and gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Despite doing only a few films once in a while, Sneha has been the go-to actress for ads. She's been featured in ads of some of the biggest brands for years.

Recently, an unofficial report stated that Sneha charges a whopping Rs 2 lakhs (RM 11,150) for one day of an ad shoot. This has shocked many netizens and made them wonder if that's the reason why the actress is not doing as many films anymore.

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Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Behindwoods