Soundarya is a very successful South Indian actress who starred in over 100 movies in a short span of 12 years.

The award-winning actress started her career in the Kannada movie industry and later worked in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam movies. She even paired-up with Superstar Rajinikanth in Arunachalam and Padayappa.

In 2004, the actress lost her life in a helicopter crash at the age of 31, when she was traveling for an election campaign.

In an interview with Vikatan, director R.V Uthayakumar revealed that the actress last spoke to him and his wife before losing her life in that horrible accident.

The veteran director introduced Soundarya in Kollywood via 'Ponnumani' - a story that was developed by his wife Sujatha. Since that day, Soundarya has been in a good relationship with the couple.

Two days before her demise, Soundarya called Sujatha to reveal that she was two months pregnant and that she'll visit them in Chennai soon.

The actress called the director the next day to thank him for giving her opportunity and that she'll be forever grateful, and revealed that 'Apthamitra' - the Kannada remake of Chandramukhi will be her last movie as she is pregnant with her first child and would want to focus on her family life.

Before boarding the ill-fated flight, actress Soundarya made two special requests to her sister-in-law, Nirmala: cotton sarees and kumkum. Soundarya, who had recently joined the BJP, wanted the cotton sarees for her electoral campaign appearances. She lacked any in her wardrobe and asked Nirmala to purchase one for her. Additionally, she expressed her preference for kumkum, which she regularly wore.

Tragically, these requests were among her final communications with her family. After expressing these wishes, Soundarya departed for her flight and never returned. Her sudden death was a devastating blow to her family and fans alike. The loss was deeply felt, and the family, who did not anticipate this would be their last time seeing Soundarya, were left to cope with the unimaginable tragedy.

The next day, the actress died in a helicopter crash with her brother and her unborn baby.

Source: Manithan