Actress Urvashi is a popular veteran actress who's been in the movie industry for decades. It is now reported that Urvashi's sister in law, Premila, has committed suicide together with her sibling after writing a suicide note.

Premila got married to Urvashi's brother Kamal, and the the couple got separated years back. When Premila moved in with her sibling, she was financially supported by Urvashi's late sister cum actress Kalpana who passed away unexpectedly.

Now Premila, aged 52 and her brother aged 54, have committed suicide due to poverty and ill-health. The siblings were struggling to make ends meet, and unable to care for each other due to their deteriorating health condition, which eventually caused them to take such drastic measures.

Their neighbours reported to police after noticing a bad odour coming from their house. Police found their decomposed bodies hanging from the ceiling in different rooms. In the suicide note, the siblings requested their personal belongings to be sold and given to the house owner to settle their rental dues. Our heartfelt condolences.

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