Actress Vijayalakshmi is a South Indian actress who has hit the headlines many times in the past due to her health problems and accusations against actor-turned-politician Seeman. She was allegedly in a live-in relationship with Seeman who promised to marry her. However, after several years, he didn't keep up his promise and went on to marry Kayalvizhi in 2013.

In 2020, Vijayalakshmi released photos and videos to prove their alleged relationship when Seeman insisted she's falsely accusing him. In July 2020, Vijalaksmi attempted suicide and was rushed to the hospital. She recovered and claimed that Seeman's followers were harassing her and all she wants is to live peacefully. Soon, the issue died down and Vijayalakshmi kept a low profile.

Earlier this week, the actress called up a press meet in front of her rented house. But this time around, the issue was not related to Seeman. Vijayalakshmi had just returned after two weeks of staying at the hospital for her sister's operation.

According to her press statement, she was shocked to see several men in her house, and all her things have been vacated.

"Brother Hari Nadar brought me here and helped me to rent this house. I've been looking after my sister after her uterus operation. When we returned home, our things were all removed and a few men were taking baths in my house." she claimed.

However, the manager of the premise claimed that Vijayalakshmi hasn't paid the deposit or the rent since her occupancy. Check out the full story here:

Source: Bingoo Box
Photo Credit: Cinespot