Ajith and Vijay are among the top names in Kollywood; each with their group of loyal followers around the globe

Even though misunderstandings frequently occur between their fans, both Vijay and Ajith have remained as good friends to date. Even in a recent award show, Vijay regarded Ajith as 'nanbar', which means friends in Tamil.

However, singer cum radio jockey Suchitra has recently revealed an incident that took place when she met Ajith. She recalled that Ajith got envied of Vijay as he always gets hit songs in his movie.

According to the singer, Ajith loves Vijay's movie songs and mentioned to her that most of the songs in Vijay's movie are great. He further revealed that he loves 'Oru Chinnatamarai' song which was sung by Suchitra herself and wished he had that song in his movie.

The incident took place almost 12 years ago and the singer recently recall it in an interview.

Source: Indiaglitz and Pinkvilla