It's the final week of Bigg Boss S4, and Aari, Bala, Som, Rio, Ramya and Gabby were named as the finalists of this season.

While there's only less than a week left for the highly anticipated grand finale, some of the evicted contestants are returning to the Bigg Boss house for a small reunion.

In today's promo, it can be seen that Archana, Nisha, Ramesh and Rekha have returned to the house to give a pleasant surprise to the contestants, and more contestants are expected to return to the show in the coming days.

However, Suresh Chakravarthy clarifies to his fans that he was the only Bigg Boss S4 contestant who was not invited to return to the house in the finale week.

The channel's reasoning to exclude Suresh is still unknown, however, this will indeed disappoint Suresh's fans who were waiting for his return to the show.

Check out the comment from his official Instagram account here: