Sanjeev Karthick and Alya Manasa are one of the most-loved couples on TV. Their love story began at the sets of Raja Rani Season 1 and soon the reel couple became real-life partners.

In 2019, they got married and were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Aila. Sanjeev revealed that their wedding was intended as Alya Manasa's gift for her birthday, which is why both occasions fall on the same day.

The couple started a YouTube channel to share their family vlogs with daughter Aila which quickly garnered attention from their fans and reached more than 300,000 subscribers within a few months of its formation.

As social media influencers, Alya Manasa and Sanjeev often post videos promoting lifestyle and beauty brands. In their latest video, Sanjeev released a set of bloopers while Alya shoots for their collaborations with brands.

The video begins with Alya coming back home from her Raja Rani 2 shoot and playing with daughter Aila while Sanjeev asks her to get ready for yet another collaboration shoot.

Take a look:

Source: Sanjiev & Alya
Photo Credit: Hotstar & Repblic Word