After much anticipation, the trailer to Amala Paul's controversial movie, Aadai has finally been released!

But, though it's even shorter than the teaser, it has created more expectations as it shows different shades of Amala Paul's character in the movie.

Arrogant, audacious and artistic, she showcases the depth of her spontaneity and versatility as an actress, and we are hoping to see one of the best performances of her film career.

When the teaser first came out, it showed the actress nude in the final scene and sparked a huge controversy. While some celebrated the movie as a bold attempt, many criticised it as just another stunt to show the struggles of a rape victim by adding sensationalism. Check it out!

However, the trailer has shattered everyone's assumptions and unveiled a strong protagonist with her own views and principles. In the audio and trailer launch of the movie, Amala Paul shared how she wanted to quit cinema before this story found her.

“I was telling my manager that I wanted to quit the industry because the synopsis I was receiving from filmmakers all felt like a lie. Yes, they were heroine-centric... but the concepts were simple. Like a rape victim, her struggling against the odds and gaining revenge, or a wife who supports her husband endlessly, or a sacrificial mother. I had no interest to be a part of these lies,” she said.

After reading director Rathna Kumar's synopsis, she was intrigued and even shocked at some points, with the story and the willingness of a producer to fund it.

Talking about the scandalous nude scene, Amala Paul revealed that she felt safe and protected in the midst of the 15-member crew who shot the scene.

"There were only 15 people in the set, camera team, light team, and the most important people. I remember saying this, 'Panchali only had 5 husbands, I feel like 'Pandhrali', a wife with 15 husbands'. That's the kind of trust I had to have doing those scenes. Thanks to that team," she explained.

Watch her full speech at the launch here:

Source: The Hindu
Photo Credit: DNA India, India Today, On Manorama, Kerala Kaumudi & MSN