There are two sure-fire ways to make a cooking show attractive to viewers. The first is showcasing recipes to delicious dishes, and the second is having an easy-going host with a distinct look or character.

In that sense, Anal Parakuthu, shown on Astro Vaanavil HD (CH 201) at 8pm every Sunday, has got it covered in both fields, as it does not only serve delicious recipes, but also has a witty host to entertain viewers in every episode.

This is Astro's interview with the host Rakkeshairi Naidu, who stands out with his afro hairstyle.

Could you share your journey in the entertainment industry?

My journey in the entertainment industry started when I was 17 years old. From dancing and professional boxing, I began hosting events and then performed as a singer. Being an entertainer has been always my dream. After numerous challenges, I received the opportunity to appear in TV ads and telemovies including ‘Kaaval’ (2020), ‘Gadis Tinju’ (2017) and more.

For this show, I sent in my audition video to the Anal Parakuthu team and I was selected. Anal Parakuthu is my debut TV show as a host and I am thankful for this opportunity to entertain audiences.

What has your experience been like hosting Anal Parakuthu cooking show?

Firstly, I would like to thank Astro for giving me this golden opportunity to host Anal Parakuthu cooking show which enables me to showcase my hosting talent. The experience was very good, and I enjoyed it.

Although I felt quite nervous at the beginning, I adapted as time went on with professional guidance by the team, as well as fun and interesting ideas from them for the show.

The team made me feel at home and we also had the opportunity to visit chicken and goat farms as part of our shoot. I also enjoyed meeting various local artistes on Anal Parakuthu and sharing memorable moments with them.

Did you get to enjoy other parts of the show?

I enjoyed all the food which I have never tasted before – the food was delicious!

What are some of your favourite dishes from the show?

Honestly, all the food was so delicious, and I loved all of them as they were prepared by well-known cooks in Anal Parakuthu. However, my favourites include ‘Mutton Chukka’, ‘Palkova’ and ‘Palak Panneer’. I have never tried the type of ‘Palkova’ that we need to scoop up, and it was so yummy and milky.

Have you tried cooking any of these dishes at home?

I have tried cooking ‘Mutton Chukka’ at home and though it wasn’t as delicious as what was cooked on the show, my family enjoyed it. The best part is, even my friends who are aged between 20 to 25 years old tried cooking the dish at home since it was easy and simple. I would say Anal Parakuthu has also encouraged youths to start cooking at home.

What are some of the best cooking tips you learnt?

I have learnt numerous cooking tips, such as being patient when cooking sweets, the importance of keeping time when cooking to ensure the dishes are not overcooked, and more. I also learnt to use milk powder in cooking instead of coconut milk which gives dishes a different texture and taste.

What are some of your future career plans you would like to share with us?

I hope to continue growing my portfolio in the entertainment industry, and possibly direct films in the future.