Andrea Jeremiah is a talented actress and playback singer in Kollywood. Her portrayal of a young, Anglo Indian single working mother in the 2017 film Taramani bagged praises from critics.

However, in a throwback video, Andrea admitted that despite the film's success, she didn't receive any film offers after that.

"After Taramani, I haven't signed a single film yet. Whereas, a girl who acts opposite Vijay and does nothing but comes and dances for 3 songs. Immediately after the film releases, if it's a hit, she will sign three, four, five films," Andrea said on a stage in the video.

Andrea opened up about not being happy to just wear skimpy clothes on screen. Instead, she wants to bring out her talent as an actor.

Then, she goes on to talk about Nayanthara and her decision to act in films with some of the biggest stars down South.

"Nayanthara has to do films with Vijay, Ajith, Suriya, Rajini and then she becomes Nayanthara. Why can't an Andrea just do good, strong roles and become an Andrea. Why does the worth of an actress has to be determined by her co-stars?" Andrea questioned.

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But, unlike how Andrea put it, Nayanthara didn't capture the hearts of her fans by acting only with big stars. Her female-centric roles and films like Kolamaavu Kokila and Dora are the reasons why she elevated to the status of Lady Superstar of Kollywood.
Some netizens are shocked to hear Andrea's statement about Nayanthara and find it unnecessary to bring her up in a conversation about gender equality in Kollywood.

Currently, Andrea is part of Vijay's upcoming film Master and she has done at least a dozen films since 2017.

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Photo Credit: Yoyo TV Tamil & India Today